House Plan: TNH-PC-02A by Moser Design Group!

This is the TNH-PC-02A plan by Moser Design Group. Nice, isn’t it? This small home packs a powerful punch! It fits a lot of living into 857 square feet. This plan has 2 bedrooms (master downstairs), 2 bathrooms, and 9′ ceilings downstairs.

This is a sweet compact design. It has a nice size entry porch that leads you into the dining/living space. A nice open plan with a nice kitchen and steps leading to the upstairs… It’s always handy to have a master bedroom downstairs along with the laundry space!

Upstairs is a loft area, bathroom and storage space. Storage space is so important, and this small house has it!

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Featured Artist… Scott W. Prior!

St Marys Garden by Scott W. Prior Best in Show - 15th Annual Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational (2013)

St Marys Garden View by Scott W. Prior
24×36″ Oil/Canvas

Scott W. Prior.  Life is full of happy surprises! One being Scott W. Prior! What amazing work! I recently contacted Scott to see if I could feature him and use an image… I did feature Scott Prior, BUT the wrong Scott Prior (ugh) – he sent me a nice message, and let me know there was another Scott Prior on the east coast (the one I featured). Ugh! When I went to Scott W. Prior’s website… WOOHOO… HAPPY SURPRISE! He is awesome! Scott’s paintings have a clear crispness to them. So nice! Scott Prior is clearly an artists name! Both are amazing!

St Marys Garden View (above) won Best in Show – 15th Annual Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational (2013) – pretty amazing!

Gamblin Man by Scott W. Prior 8x16" Oil/Canvas

Gamblin Man by Scott W. Prior
8×16″ Oil/Canvas

I love great titles on paintings. You know, the creative ones that make you smile. This did just that. Gamblin, for those of you who aren’t artists, is a brand of paint. “Gamblin Man” is a brilliant title!

Read a bit about Scott from his website:

Scott W. Prior is an award winning oil painter and Southern California native.  He received his BFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA where he studied under the exceptional artists Craig Nelson, Bill Maughan and Hui Han Lui. During his time at the Academy of Art Scott established his skills in design, drawing and painting, giving him a solid foundation with which to develop his own unique, artistic style.  Scott draws inspiration from the beauty in ordinary, everyday scenes.

All images via, used with permission…

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Happy Birthday to my sweetie!

Fred - Monhegan!

Fred – Monhegan!

Fred. Sweetest guy in the world! Love of my life! Well, I just have to wish him the happiest of all birthdays, because if anyone deserves a happy birthday, it would be him!

So my dear… you will probably also get the audio version (sorry!), hee hee, but it’s tradition!

Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday deeee-aaaar Freeee-eeeeed, Happy Birthday to you… and many more!!!!!


This photo was taken on Monhegan, Maine. Gorgeous. Fred is very happy here, who wouldn’t be?!!!

Happy Birthday to my sweetie! You’re the best!

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Featured Artist: Lynne Lockhart!

Coco by Lynne Lockhart

Coco by Lynne Lockhart

Lynne Lockhart. Wow, she really understands animals. Her paintings are amazing, but I’m drawn to the animals, especially the dogs, they all have such personality. Just look at Coco above, I would think she is likely wanting something… a treat perhaps? I love that face and the orange in the shadow, brilliant!

Read a bit about Lynne from her website:

Painting is a visual language and so is much of the language of animals. The quiet observation of the natural world, both wild and tame provides endless painting possibilities. No matter the subject, the application of paint to canvas is the easy part. Understanding anatomy, the nature of light and knowing your materials are only some of the variables one gets to juggle. However, the real challenge for me is the interpretation of what I see. That is the translation from subject to canvas. It is this translation through the artist that makes the difference in painters. Our facts may be the same but our truths are different.

Lynne Lockhart is a signature member of the Society of Animal Artists. She lives on Maryland’s Eastern Shore with 2 mutts and her husband, painter Kirk McBride. They all go exploring together.

Image via – used with permission…

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View from Pulpit Rock!

View from Pulpit Rock, Monhegan

View from Pulpit Rock on Monhegan. A friend told us how to get there. Wow, you could easily spend the day sitting on the rock staring out over the water! It was stunning and beautiful and was everything we had hoped it would be! If you make it to Monhegan, buy one of those trail maps. Check out the different places – each offers a view that is different, gorgeous and breathtaking!

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Stairway to Heaven?

Stairway to Heaven?

Stairway to Heaven?

Well, this may not be the stairway to Heaven, but it sure feels like it! This is the boat ramp for the Laura B (Monhegan Boat Lines) - this, sadly, was our departure from the island. You can see the regal Island Inn at the end of the ramp (in the distance) with it’s flag flying. Oh how we love this place!

Good bye Heaven, hope to see you next year! Have a great weekend!

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Featured Artist… Sally Linder!

Call Response by Sally Linder 2013, Oil on Drafting Film  36x43

Call Response by Sally Linder
2013, Oil on Drafting Film 36×43

Sally Linder. She paints fascinating subject matter. Sally’s subject matter makes you think. When you read her words and see her paintings you truly want to help the cause and help the world become a better place. Not just in the area where you live, but in all of the world… Sally travels far and wide and really knows about what she paints.

Sally is an amazing person as well as a deeply connected artist. Deeply connected in saving the world and making it a better place for all of us. We need more Sally’s in the world! This is just one of many wonderful paintings. Be sure to check out her website! This painting is in the “Approaching a Threshold Series”.

In Sally’s words:

Many of the legends of the polar north, as told by the Inuit elders, speak of the spirits of the great white bear and man as being interchangeable.  For in the telling, when the polar bears enter their dens they shed their hides and become men, and only upon returning to the frigid outdoors do they don their furs once again.

Read a blip about Sally, from her website:

Born in the United States, I was educated in the US and Canada. A strong foundation in drawing enables me to move seamlessly between representation and abstraction, determined by my subject’s desire to be recognized or left to the imagination. Inspired by Earth’s beauty and the social and political issues that confront humankind, each of my artistic endeavors has sprung from a deep commitment to Earth and all living beings. This love of life with its contrast and balance of agonies and ecstasies prompts both activism and playfulness in my work. The paintings chronicle a quest for a better and more conscience driven world and my passion becomes their purpose and content.

Painting in series provides the opportunity to be immersed in each subject’s distinct, emotive language conveyed through choice of color, form, and mark. Particularly in the more representational work, this immersion is linked to considerable research for each series involving historical, scientific and spiritual elements. It is from this deepening well that the layers of paint emerge on the canvas, paper or drafting film.  The images that are inspired become symbols of a compassionate, participatory commitment to life. This vision provides us with the opportunity to turn around so that we may know who the others are and our connection to them. So evolves an intimate partnership between artist, subject, canvas, and viewer.

I have exhibited worldwide in Bangalore, India, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Jakarta, Indonesia, throughout the United States, Yaounde, Cameron, and Johannesburg, South Africa. I am the recipient of national and international awards including from the International Music and Art Foundation in Liechtenstein, the National Endowment for the Arts/Vermont Arts Council, the Philanthropic Collaborative in New York, and the Board of Governors’ Medal from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. My work has appeared in Orion Magazine, Yes!, the National Geographic Magazine, Art New England, The Best of Acrylic Painting, and Femina Magazine. Speaking engagements have included the United Nations, the Earth Charter’s venues at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa, Brown University, the International Women’s Conference in Bangalore, India, Middlebury College, and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City.

All images via, used with permission…

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