House Plan: The Poet’s Cottage (NC0022) by Allison Ramsey Architects!

Sweet cottage isn’t it? This is the Poet’s Cottage (NC0022) designed by Allison Ramsey Architects out of Beaufort, South Carolina. They have quite a reputation for excellence. It shows in each and every one of their house plans. Just look at the character in this house. I love the roof lines! This plan is 1,768 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. This is a plan that will appeal to the masses!

So many wonderful features… a front porch. Ahhhh, who wouldn’t love that? Then you walk into a generous size living room complete with a fireplace, from there you walk through the dining room (or head up the stairs to the second floor) and into the kitchen, with a powder room tucked between the dining and kitchen. Do you see what I see off the kitchen? A porch!! I would screen it and when cooking keep my kitchen door open to let the fresh air in. In the back of the house is the master bedroom and bathroom with a walk in closet.

I love the upstairs, two bedrooms, a bathroom and a sitting room! Very generous bedrooms for sure! This is a great plan tucked into a nicely sized footprint. Not too big, not too small, it’s just right!

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Featured Artist: Daniel Robbins!

3:45 by Daniel K Robbins 28 x 36

3:45 by Daniel K Robbins
28 x 36

Daniel Robbins… I love his work, it’s always so striking and stands out in some unique way. His paintings keep your eye because you don’t want to leave for some reason. There is so much to see, and if you’re like me, where every picture tells a story, well then… I get carried away imaging the story behind his paintings… Like this painting, “3:45″  for instance, is that a friend, spouse, girlfriend… why is she sleeping at 3:45?  Ha ha, not that any of the answers matter, you see what I mean, you keep looking, because you’re interested. This is so well done, I love it, the fabulous light coming through the red curtains. Fabulous!

Painting by Daniel K Robbins

Painting by Daniel K Robbins

This is a painting that Daniel posted on Facebook: The Art of Daniel Robbins  I think it’s fabulous. It reminds me of an area of Michigan when I was a kid. I love those big trees. There is a story here! Daniel Robbins is an amazing artist, I especially love his interiors, precious few people paint them… I know he was a guest artist at Robert Lange Studios in Charleston, SC – quite an honor I would say! Check him out, his work is fabulous!

Read a bit about Daniel from Murphy Montgomery Fine Art Gallery website:

Daniel Robbins grew up in Virginia Beach, Virginia and he has always wanted to create art. During grades 4-8 he was enrolled in the Old Donation Center for the Gifted and Talented, and in high school he continued his study of art at the Governor’s School for the Arts. For college he moved to Richmond, VA to study in the Communication Arts department at Virginia Commonwealth University. While at VCU he received multiple awards for his artistic and academic achievement, including: Most Outstanding Junior and Senior in Communication Arts, Dean’s List, and a scholarship from the New York Society of Illustrators’ Student Competition.

After he received his B.F.A. in 2006, Daniel started to teach drawing and painting as an adjunct faculty member in the Communication Arts department. He has also exhibited his paintings in galleries in New York, Virginia, and North Carolina. Daniel has received numerous honors and awards including: Best in Show at the “Virginia Artists Juried Exhibition,” in Hampton, VA; Virginia’s Finest Artist at the “Boardwalk Art Festival,” in Virginia Beach, VA; Winsor and Newton Material Award at the Salmagundi Club in New York City; and he wrote “The Road Not Taken” for the Artists on Art publication.

His thoughts on his work:

In my work I explore the world around me. Art gives me the opportunity to analyze both the physical properties and psychological effects of my subjects. I focus on the honest experience of seeing. I do not observe something simply as unique or beautiful, but allow my mind to think, question, and respond intellectually to the subject. To focus on beauty alone denies both artist and viewer the full experience of observation and intelligent response. My art represents this process of seeing. The final result of the work is not a representation of one idea, but a multilayered response spawned from repeated observation.

Daniel Robbins continues to live and work in Richmond, Virginia.

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Friendliest City in America 2014 – Charleston, SC



CHARLESTON, SC – recently named the 2014 Friendliest City in America by Conde Nast Traveler! Not to shabby, eh? Charleston is a magical city to live in. I wasn’t born here (GASP), I’m from Michigan, but I have lived here for over 25 years! So I know a little bit about what I talk about. There is so much to do in Charleston. With the close proximity to the beaches (yes, not just one beach, but many beaches), great food, and I do mean everywhere, gorgeous historic homes that make you proud to say you live in Charleston!

Ok “y’all” let’s keep up the good work and try for next year as well!

From Conde Nast Traveler:

FRIENDLIEST CITIES:  #1. Charleston, South Carolina

Several visitors praised this “quaint and special little gem” for embodying Southern hospitality at every turn—so much so that they “would consider living there full time.” The historic town earned accolades for its blend of “undervalued local culture,” history, and natural beauty, as well as the “incredible food” and Charleston City Market, with its boutiques and art galleries. In short, Charleston is the total package, landing it atop the list for the second year in a row.

Last year’s ranking: no. 1 (friendliest).

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Workshop Alert! Ken DeWaard & Greg LaRock – Newnan, GA October 2014!

Newnan Workshop 2014


Do you see what I see? A workshop by two amazing artists… a 2 FOR 1 workshop! Ken DeWaard and Greg LaRock – If you’re going to be anywhere near the Newnan, GA area, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Two highly respected, award winning artists who will guide you through learning how to to take your paintings to the next level.  I love how they’re starting this workshop with a meet and greet dinner, so that participants have a chance to get to know each other, as well as Ken and Greg – this is where the information gathering will take place! Key to a good workshop!

I would love to see the side by side demo by Ken and Greg of the same subject matter. I think it’s so interesting how artists all see things a bit differently, that makes it so interesting! I have not personally met Greg, yet… but I do know Ken, and he is as nice as they come. Full of information that he is more than willing to share. This will be an informative, enlightening and fun workshop!

I envy those of you who are able to sign up for this workshop! If you’re thinking about it… don’t hesitate, space is limited and October will be here before you know it!

If interested contact Millie Gosch:  EMAIL: or call 770.301.0674

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Do you take advantage of fresh produce in the summertime? Too tasty!


Summer is so good for fresh food, isn’t it? Do you take advantage of your local farmer’s market, or do you have a garden? Oooh, there is just nothing like fresh produce! This was a fabulous dinner, grilled chicken topped with a mango salsa, some great cucs and scrumptious tomatoes bedazzled with a little olive oil and vinegar… and some home made slaw… with vinegar instead of mayo, and for dessert… corn on the cob! Pretty isn’t it? Enjoy your summer time meals while you can!

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I do, I do, I do!

Us... 2005... San Fran...

Us… 2005… San Fran…

Me and Fred… got married 22 years ago today… best day ever!

This is a photo from our last visit to San Fran in 2005 (need to get back there!) on the ferry to Sausalito to check out the art and grab a burger. I’m a tad wind blown, ha ha. Good times right from the beginning. I’m super blessed and I know it… I don’t take this man for granted. It’s rare to find the love of your life I think. And he… is mine!

Happy 22 years Fred – I love you!


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